Request for Approval of Overload

This form needs to be completed if you wish to enroll in more than 12 graduate credits during a semester.  If approved, you will be able to register within two business days of when this form is received in the College of Graduate Studies. You will be notified if your request is not approved. Please return this form to the Graduate Studies Office, Minnesota State University, Mankato, AF 115, Mankato, MN 56001 ( (fax)

Student's Name Tech ID
Student email address

I. To be Completed by Student:
My program is: I have completed semester hours of graduate
credit at MSU with a grade point average of .I request permission to take credit hours for
the term/year for the following reasons:

Number of hours per week which I am employed:

I am employed this semester as a graduate assistant :No Yes If yes requires   hours per week.

My proposed schedule of courses (undergraduate and graduate) will be as follows:

Time                           Day(M,T,W,TH,F)     Course #          Course Title                                     Credits


Advisor's Signature: ___________________ Approved ____ Disapproved ____

Advisor's Phone Number  ________________

Please return the form to the Graduate Studies Office, AF 115 or

This request for an overload has been:    Approved ____ Disapproved ____

 Date__________ Signature_____________________________________