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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Graduate Enrollment Management Plan

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The expanded campus workgroup on graduate education is charged with developing a comprehensive graduate enrollment management plan that is aligned with the University Strategic Enrollment Plan 2018-2023 and the actions contained in the University Strategic Directions 2016-2021.  The group is expected to deliver a draft document that includes the goals, objectives, and actions required to meet graduate enrollment targets; increase diversity of the graduate population; expand the reach and impact of the University's graduate programs regionally, nationally, and internationally; promote and market graduate programs; and enhance the services and support provided to graduate students and faculty.

Additionally, the workgroup will review the awarding, funding, and oversight of graduate assistantships and recommend any needed changes to ensure the awards are competitive, contribute to student development, and are aligned with institutional priorities.  As noted in the Graduate Assistant policy, assistantship awards are intended to elevate the quality and scope of graduate education at the University by (a) attracting high quality students to our graduate programs, (b) providing full-time graduate students with valuable educational and professional experiences related to their degree program to enhance their graduate education, and (c) providing faculty and staff assistance in carrying out special projects or other assignments that require the advanced discipline skills of graduate students.



Tentative Schedule of Campus Presentations and Feedback on GEM Plan 

  • President's Retreat (August 14)
  • Graduate Dean's convocation (week of August 22)
  • Council of Deans (September 19)
  • Planning Sub-Meet & Confer (September 20)
  • GCAP Sub-Meet & Confer (October 2)
  • Student Government (October 3)
  • Graduate coordinators (October 3 &9)
  • Faculty Research Sub-Meet & Confer (October 12)
  • Campus open forum (October 15, 3-4 p.m., CSU 201)
  • MSUA ASF general membership meeting (October 15)
  • Enrollment operations group (October 16)
  • Campus open forum (October 24, 12-1 p.m. CSU 201)
  • Graduate student forum (October 16, and evening session, October 8)
  • Meet and Confer updates (September 6, October 18, and November  1)
  • Chair's and Directors' meeting (October 31)
  • Faculty Association Executive (November)
  • President's Cabinet (December)



[PDF] GEM Plan Updates 12-16-19 (243 KiB)

[PDF] GEM Monitoring Summary (255 KiB) 

[PDF] Final GEM Plan (12 MiB)

[PDF] Draft GEM Plan (390 KiB)

[PDF] President's Fall Retreat and Comments - August 14, 2018 (99 KiB)



[PDF] University Strategic Directions 2016-2021 (101 KiB)

Key aims include:

  1. enhancing student success and completion
  2. elevating faculty distinction and academic achievement
  3. advancing a culture of evidence and innovative organizational design
  4. expanding regional and global impact
  5. leading equity and inclusive excellence
  6. leveraging the power of partnerships and collaboration.

University Strategic Enrollment Management Plan 2018-2023

Key aims related to graduate education include:

  1. increase graduate student enrollment
  2. increase international graduate student enrollment
  3. increase summer graduate student enrollment
  4. increase online degree program enrollment.

Task Force on Graduate Education Final Report 2010



Graduate Enrollment Management Plan Workgroup Members


Beth Beschorner, College of Education
Michelle McAlarnen, College of Allied Health and Nursing
Chris Mickle, Director of Graduate Studies, College of Graduate Studies 
Shawna Petersen-Brown, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Kristel Seth, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Stephen Stoynoff, Interim Associate Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Education


Richard Auger, College of Education
Aaron Budge, Associate Dean, College of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Christine Brown-Mahoney, College of Business
Julie Carlson, College of Education
Matt Clay, Information Technology Representative
Rachel Cohen, College of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Kimberly Contag, College of Arts and Humanities
Katrina Cronk, Graduate Student Representative
Robert Fleischman, Associate Provost
Sara Frederick, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing
Jean Haar, Dean, College of Education
Laurie Hiebert, Graduate Student Representative
Jianwei Hou, College of Business
Dan Houlihan, Director of Center for Excellence in Scholarship and Research
Brian Jones, Director of Admissions
Julie Kerr-Berry, College of Arts and Humanities
Karla Lassonde, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Jacqueline Lewis, College of Education
Justine Martin, Library Services
Henry Morris, Dean of Diversity
Carlos Panahon, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Joan Roca, Dean of the Library
Heidi Southworth, Library Services
Mahbubur Syed, College of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Joe Visker, College of Allied Health and Nursing
Elizabeth Whitcomb, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Gregory Wilkins, MSUAASF Representative

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