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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Graduation Checklist

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Graduate Students before Commencement

Preparing to Graduate

Two forms must be submitted by all graduate students to the Graduate Studies Office in order to have a degree awarded. These are the following:
Application for Graduation
Recommendation for Awarding the Degree Form.
 The Application for Graduation is due at the beginning of the intended semester of graduation; and, the Recommendation for Awarding the Degree Form is due at the end.


  • Submit an Application for Graduation early in the intended semester of graduating. See deadlines. Doctoral students - Submit a Doctoral Student Application for Graduation. The application for graduation must be approved and signed before being submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

Ensure that all signees have been appointed as members of the graduate faculty. A current roster of the graduate faculty is posted here

  • Register for at least one graduate credit during the semester of completing the program. This is required per the University's [PDF] Graduate Enrollment Policy (166 KiB). Finishing a previous course with an IP does not fulfill this requirement. Continuous Registration is required for Doctoral students.
  • Complete the capstone, i.e. thesis, alternate plan paper, internship, etc. Only theses or dissertations are required to be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies. See the discussion about Capstone Projects. A thesis or dissertation must be submitted by the deadline for each semester to be awarded a degree in that semester.

Students may either submit their thesis or dissertation online through ProQuest/UMI Publishing; or, printed copies may be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies. Students should confirm with their department whether the online submission is permitted.

For specific requirements of the College of Graduate Studies for submission of a thesis or dissertation, see Format and Style Guidelines.

If a thesis is submitted after the deadline for a semester, but before classes begin the next semester, the one-credit enrollment requirement will be waived for the next semester, provided the student is enrolled during the current semester. The student will be considered a graduate of that next semester.

  • A $25 Graduation Fee will be charged after submission of an Application for Graduation. Pay the fee online at E-services, or at the Cashier's Office.

Additional information -

Degrees will be posted to students' transcripts as soon as possible after the end of each semester. All courses must have grades assigned and all required forms must have been submitted before the degrees can be awarded.

Diplomas will be sent approximately eight weeks after the end of each semester. Official transcripts can be ordered at this site. For graduates needing to have their diplomas sent internationally and tracked, the student should create a shipment order through eshipglobal ( order will then be coordinated with the Registrar's Office to have the diploma sent.

There is a six-year time limit for completing a Master's or Specialist program and a seven-year limit for a doctoral program.  At the time of completing a program, the Graduate Enrollment Policy will apply.