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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Dr. Dan Houlihan, Director of the Center for Excellence in Scholarship and Research, is a professor in the Department of Psychology, and has been at Minnesota State University, Mankato, since 1987. He has spent the majority of his 30+ years at MNSU affiliated with the Clinical Psychology program, but also served as the director of the Psy.D. program in School Psychology for that program's first 5 years. He has published articles on a broad range of topics mostly in psychology and education. He has served on numerous editorial boards with responsibilities ranging from review board member, to associate editor and editor of special issues. Dan's Ph.D. is in School Psychology from the University of Utah with a primary focus on behavioral interventions. He is licensed as a School Psychologist in Minnesota.  He also has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from MNSU as well as his undergraduate degree.


Alexander Twohy, Research Consultant for CESR, is currently working on his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. He grew up in St. Cloud, MN, and earned his BA from Saint John’s University with a major in music and a minor in psychology. Alexander is part of the sexual health research team within the clinical psychology program. His research interests include a needs assessment for sex workers in the Minneapolis area, identifying neurological pathways to help guide deep brain stimulation in patients with Parkinson’s Disease and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, as well as the physiological effects of music therapy. He and his fiancé, Nicole, are engaged to be wed this winter. In his free time, Alex enjoys cooking, reading, and playing the tuba. 



Nate Jensen, Research Consultant for CESR, is currently working on his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  Nate grew up in Green Bay, WI, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay with majors in Psychology and Human Development.  Having devoted time to researching the role of depression in emerging dementia, Nate currently is part of a geriatric research team focusing on investigating changes in cognitive functioning in older adults. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching TV shows and movies, and playing soccer.




Jaxson Judkins, Editorial Consultant for CESR, is pursuing a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  He earned his Bachelors degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University where he focused on the impact of cognitive performance among athletes and students.  For four years, he instructed numerous collegiate classes as a basketball instructor for the BYU Student Wellness Department.  His academic training incorporates multiple backgrounds in research design, APA, MLA and Chicago Style writing formats where he contributed to several faculty research projects.  Jaxson lived in Mexico for two years as a full-time Spanish-speaking representative training individuals in the area of communication and goal setting. He and his wife, Lacey, recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.  In his spare time, Jaxson enjoys waterskiing, horseback riding, participating in numerous sports, and listening to oldies music.