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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Workshop Schedule

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Fall 2018

To register for workshops you should create an account at: 

You are encouraged to use your Star ID as your username. Please use your home address when entering address.  The workshops are free.  Do not put down anything other than the required registration fields.  Depending upon what you are registering for, it may ask for a credit card number or other identifying information - this is not needed.    


To view and/or register for one of The Center trainings:

Look for The Center for Excellence in Scholarship & Research group. Click on this name and it will take you to the CESR Workshops.  If you have trouble registering, send us an email or call 6278 or 1093 to let us know you wish to participate.


Survey Construction Using Qualtrics®

Monday, September 17th.  1:00 pm.-2:00 pm.

ML 88A - Conference Room

This workshop will provide participants a basic knowledge of survey construction guidelines and the use of Qualtrics®, a free, MSU-supported tool for online survey construction.  Participants will learn how to create and distribute surveys using a variety of different item types and Qualtrics special features.  Additionally, participants will learn how to add consent forms to surveys, edit the look and feel of surveys, and export data in various formats. 

CESR: Survey Construction Using Qualtrics - # CESR002-Fall2018 – 1

A Primer for APA Writing

Thursday, September 20th.  9:00 am. - 10:30 am.

ML 88A

Many professional outlets for scholarly work require APA writing style or adaptations of that style.  We will go through the basics of APA format and focus extra attention on the most common problems encountered when writing in APA style.

CESR: A Primer for APA Writing - # CESR001-Fall2018 – 1

An Introduction to AMA Writing Style

Thursday, September 20th. 2:00 pm.-3:00 pm.

ML 88A

When publishing in medical or health-related fields, forms of AMA writing style are often required.  This workshop goes over the basics related to writing in a fashion that will be acceptable to many of those journal.

CESR: An Introduction to AMA Writing Style - # CESR010-Fall2018 – 1

An Introduction to SPSS

Wednesday, September 26th. 10:00 am.-11:30 am.

ML 94B

This workshop will provide participants with a knowledge of how to conduct hypothesis testing using SPSS.  The focus of the workshop will be on interpreting results given in SPSS while also discussing when to use certain tests and statistics.  Familiarity with SPSS is helpful, but not necessary.

CESR: An Introduction to SPSS - # CESR003-Fall2018 – 1

Qualtrics® CESR Drop-Ins

Monday, October 1st. 8:00 am.-3:30 pm.

ML 88 - CESR Area

Often times, you have one specific question that does not require an entire workshop to answer.  Stop in and ask the Research Consultant.

CESR Drop-Ins: Qualtrics - # CESR011-Fall2018 – 1


Wednesday, October 3rd. 8:00 am.-3:00 pm. 

ML 88 - CESR Area

Fast one-on-one tutoring on specific concerns related to SPSS or R.

CESR Drop-Ins: SPSS/R - # CESR012-Fall2018 – 1

Preparing IRB Applications

Thursday, October 11th. 2:00 pm.-3:00 pm.

ML 88A 

Research efforts at MSU, Mankato always need to start with the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Knowledge of the process and the expectations are necessary.  This workshop will give you the background to get started with this process.

CESR: Preparing IRB Applications - # CESR014-Fall2018 – 1

APA, MLA, and AMA Writing Style "Drop in Hours"

 Thursday, October 18th, 9:00 am.-3:00 pm.

 ML 88 CESR Area

Consultants will be available to answer any questions you might have regarding properly formatting papers to be submitted for publication.

CESR Drop-Ins: APA, MLA, and AMA Writing Style - # CESR013-Fall2018 – 1

Conceptualizing and Building a Survey Tool Using Qualtrics® and Principle Component Analysis

Wednesday, October 31st, 10:00 am. -12:00 noon.

ML 88A

This workshop is designed to cover the process of deciding on which survey format best fits your needs in your research, building that survey tool using Qualtrics®, and then validating the tool using factor analysis and principle component analysis.

CESR: Conceptualizing and Building a Survey Tool Using Qualtrics and Principle Component Analysis - # CESR015-Fall2018 – 1

Constructing Journal Quality Tables & Figures

Monday, November 5th, 8:00 am. - 10:00 am.

ML 88A

With journal space being limited and very expensive for the journal sponsors, learning how to concisely explain results in tables and figures is becoming essential in publishing.  This workshop is designed to give you the basics in this process.

CESR: Constructing Journal Quality Tables and Figures - # CESR016-Fall2018 – 1