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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Dr. Michelle Alvarez, MSW, EdD, LICSW
Associate Professor of Social Work

“I have consulted CESR about the methodology for several research projects and editing for at least five papers, one book, and three chapters. Colleagues at other universities are envious of the level of support for writing and research that we have at MNSU. I am very grateful for all the services provided by CESR.”

Dr. Daniel Moen, Ph.D., LMFT, CFLE
Associate Professor of Family Consumer Science

“I would highly recommend CESR for assistance with research projects. They have a quick turnaround time for getting back reviews (about 10 times faster than other universities). Their work is professional and most certainly will improve the quality of whatever research project you are working on. Additionally, the CESR staff is friendly and adaptive to the project.”

Renee Bowman
Adjunct Professor of Aviation

“Tasked with completing a grant proposal project, I came to the CESR for guidance in formulating the proposal. In-Jae and staff, although unfamiliar with aviation studies or the Federal Aviation Administration, were well able to sift through the array of information and suggest best methods for cohesive writing. Tables of information were offered to me, as was a template for guidance, and the team also proofread my application. The most significant result of my meetings with the CESR is my awareness of the useful assistance available on campus, with which I was not previously familiar. It was a successful collaboration, and I was pleased with the genuine interest of the CESR staff to assist my project.”

Dr. Julie Kerr-Berry, Ed.D.
Professor and Director of Dance

“I conducted a quantitative research study, and I consulted CESR on: its design; statistical analysis of data; and the creation of a U.S. map that charted the results by state and city. Additionally, I have asked CESR to assist me in editing conference proposals, editing manuscripts for journal publication, and editing a prospective book chapter proposal. My consultations with CESR have helped me to lose my fear of conducting quantitative data-based research; also, the manuscript editing services have been TREMENDOUS, as they have helped me improve my writing and have led to publication. I would suggest that other faculty and staff members talk to CESR about the myriad of services that they offer. I suspect that many people are unaware of the services and others may not know where to begin with a research project and/or how to get work published.”