Doctoral and Specialist Programs

Minnesota State University, Mankato is proud to offer doctoral and specialist programs, which will enable graduates of master's programs to advance their education to one of the highest levels available.

Doctoral Programs

Counselor Education and Supervision (Ed.D.)

The applied Doctorate of Education degree (Ed.D.) in Counselor Education and Supervision is a gateway to opportunities in the fields of counselor education, higher education, and advanced clinical practice in professional counseling and supervision.

Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

The doctorate in Educational Leadership is dedicated to developing racially conscious leaders for P-21 Schools, higher education and non-profit organizations.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Minnesota State University, Mankato offers a graduate program for students interested in becoming a doctorally prepared family nurse practitioner and also offers a post-graduate program for advanced practice registered nurses interested in obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.

School Psychology (Psy.D.)

The Doctor of Psychology degree program (Psy.D.) in school psychology trains students to attain certification to practice as school psychologists and/or pursue other doctoral level employment such as university teaching.


Educational Leadership Specialist

The Specialist in Educational Leadership program is designed to develop school leaders who demonstrate racial competence and the experience, expertise, and tools immediately relevant to lead today’s racially diverse schools.