Technology, Equity and Accessibility for Learners, Graduate Certificate

The Technology, Equity, and Accessibility for Learners graduate certificate is focused on providing educators with research-based theories, frameworks, and models for effectively using technology to meet the needs of diverse students through instruction aligned to standards, learning goals, and assessments. Meeting the needs of individual students is emphasized through the equitable and accessible use of technology tools and applications.

Program Highlights

  • The program helps prepare students for integrating technology into the classroom and using digital tools to differentiate instruction and assessment.
  • The credits earned in the graduate certificate may double count toward the master's in Educational Technology.

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university.
  • Minnesota teaching license or enrollment in a program leading to a Minnesota teaching license.
  • Resume

Additional Requirements for International Applicants:

Application Deadlines

  U.S. Based Applicants International Applicants
Fall Start Rolling May 1
Spring Start Rolling September 1
Summer Start Rolling N/A

Time to Completion: 12 months

Graduate Coordinator Contact

Dr. Scott Page

Educational technology website