Forensics and Communication, Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Students interested in the MFA typically want to pursue teaching/coaching positions in an academic environment or want to pursue professional careers involving public speaking, training and development, or public service skills.

Program Highlights

  • The MFA in Forensics and Communication is a terminal degree for forensic professionals.
  • Students complete coursework in areas such performance studies, forensics, interpersonal/intercultural communication, organizational/conflict communication, rhetoric and research methods.

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • 1-3 pages stating why you want to pursue a degree in Forensics and Communication , how this degree will advance your professional and personal goals, and why you want to study in the degree program. 
  • A sole-authored writing sample demonstrating your ability to organize and compose a sound analysis using evidence and external sources (preferably a research or term paper).
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals qualified to judge your academic potential.
  • Resume

Additional Requirements for Online Applicants:

  • Significant experience as a forensic competitor and/or coach.
  • Documented need to complete program online rather than on-campus.
  • Documentation the student can complete the practicum course (CMST 630) with a forensic program the Director of Forensics approves as providing the necessary experiential components.
  • Documentation of an “on-site supervisor” who can verify required hours for CMST 630.

Additional Requirements for International Applicants:

Application Deadlines

  U.S. Based Applicants International Applicants
Fall Start August 1 May1
Spring Start December 1 September 1
Summer Start April 30 N/A

 Time to Completion: 3 years

Graduate Coordinator Contact

Dr. Justin Rudnick

Communication Studies Website