Pathway to 18 Concurrent Enrollment Credentialing

With the recent updates to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Minimum Faculty Qualifications, many concurrent enrollment instructors will be required to pursue additional discipline specific graduate level credits. Minnesota State University, Mankato offers a number of graduate courses, including 100% online courses that will allow instructors to meet HLC minimum qualifications.

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  • Prior to registering for your course you should check the availability of the course. Online availability varies semester to semester.  
  • Reviewing courses with the institution you are currently teaching concurrent enrollment through is recommended prior to registering.

Students are encouraged to apply as a non-degree seeking student; however, you may also choose to apply as a degree seeking student. If you choose to apply as a degree seeking student you will be required to submit OFFICIAL transcripts from all institutions you've attended and any additional program requirements. 

Graduate Programs 

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Course Offerings for Fall 2021

Below you'll find course offerings for the fall 2021 semester. These courses have been approved for concurrent enrollment instructors.

Communication Studies
Course # Title Credits
CMST 512 Organizational Communication 3
CMST 515 Topics in Mvmts and Advcy: Social Movements and Advocacy 3
CMST 518 Communication and Difference 3
CMST 552 Speech Debate: Advanced Debate Strategies 3
CMST 600 Seminar in Communication Theory 3
Course # Title Credits
ENG 564 Teaching Literature in Middle School 3
ENG 566 Usability 4
ENG 577 Technical Documentation, Policies and Procedures 4
ENG 606 British Literary History and Criticism 3
ENG 612 Seminar: Gender in Literature 3
ENG 618 Seminar: Native American Literature 3
ENG 625 Seminar: Composition Theory 3
ENG 651 Introduction to Graduate Research 3
ENG 656 Teacher Research in the Writing Classroom 3
ENG 675 Technical Communication for STEM Professionals 3
HIST 502 Foundations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam 4
HIST 542 Modern Latin America 4
HIST 608 Modern Empire End of Enlightenment 3
Course # Title Credits
PSYC 509 History and Systems 4
PSYC 514 Learning 4
PSYC 533 Child Psychology 4
PSYC 555 Abnormal Psychology 4
PSYC 566 Psychology of Aging 4
PSYC 680 Portfolio 1-4
Course #
Title Credits
SOC 502 Medical Sociology 3
SOC 509 Family Violence 3
SOC 517 Program Administration 3
SOC 542 Criminology 3
SOC 546 Race, Culture and Ethnicity 3
SOC 563 Social Stratification 3
SOC 582 Social Change 3
Course #
Title Credits
SPAN 643 Cultural Practices of Spain and the Americas 3
SPAN 652 Oral Reasoning Workshop 3
SPAN 690 Portfolio 1